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From classic beauty to simple elegance and beyond, bring us your design ideas and dreams and we will help turn them into reality. Whether its your kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, furniture piece or more, we promise to deliver with the highest quality workmanship and attention to detail.


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From classic beauty to simple elegance and beyond, bring us your design ideas and dreams and we will help turn them into reality. Whether it's your kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, furniture piece or more, we promise to deliver with the highest quality workmanship and attention to detail.


Our marble and quartz countertops create the overall appeal of professionalism for your living space. Not only is it high quality and top of the line, but it makes the values of your home. Elevate your home now with our services and we will grant you with professional countertops.


Our bathroom countertops grant you the best and professional bathroom. The marble we use to create an atmosphere for your bathroom that makes you never want to leave. This space is definitely the make or break of a home, and with our work, your bathroom will increase the overall look and value of your home. 


Come and see our kitchen countertops. This service grants you a professional and polished marble countertop for your cabinets, tables, and islands in your kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of your house and brings your family together. Bring this space to life with your new top of the line countertops.

Out Door

Our out door services include your custom counter tops for anything you need outside. We can create the counter tops for your outside shelves, tables, or outside grill counter tops. We strive to grant you the best service and the best materials.

We are custom landscaping specialists for all makes and models of installation and lawn maintenance. Whether you’re in need of a new paint job for your house, walls, or furniture, Progressive Landscaping wants to serve you as your expert consultant for all of your custom installation needs. Keep your family and and home stylish with up to date, high – quality, custom landscape services Call us today!

Bringing the Best Counter Top Services To the Charleston, SC area


What is Coastal Surfaces? 

Coastal Surfaces Inc was established in 1996 by local residents, Brian and Mary Beth Barley. Being one of the first granite shops in the low country, we have been instrumental in setting standards for the local stone industry.

Coastal Surfaces, Inc has been built on the highest standards of customer service and attention to detail before, during and after installation. We offer not only countertops but also fireplaces, tabletops, outdoor grills and much more. We also carry sinks and offer a line of all wood cabinets with all the accessories. Make us your one-stop-shop. At Coastal Surfaces, Inc we do not strive to be the biggest - only the best.

We are a countertop servicing company. We strive to give you the greatest service for your countertop needs. We specialize in granite countertops, marble, quartz, outdoor grill countertops, kitchen countertops,  and bathroom countertops. These services will grant you top of the line, high-quality countertops that will increase the value of your home.


Why should I hire Coastal Surfacing to do my counters? Can’t I do it myself? 

While you could do your own countertop projects, why would you want to? We can think of a ton of reasons to hire Coastal Surfaces Inc to make and maintain your granite countertops. Whether you don’t have the know-how to keep your counters even and the appealing patterns, or you don’t have the time or energy to work in your house, our landscapers love what they do, and it shows. We have all of the right tools to get the job done quickly and beautifully, so you’ll have perfect clean edges along on in and out of your interior and exterior.


How can Coastal Surfacing increase the value of your home?

The materials we use gives the best professional appeal. The countertops create a welcoming atmosphere that engulfs in modern appeal. 

The marble and quartz attract buyers and sellers that make sure your profits. 


What kind of properties do you offer Coastal Surfacing for? 

Coastal Surfaces Inc specializes in home and business projects. We believe that your bathroom countertops, kitchen countertops, granite countertops, outdoor grill countertops are more than just counters and functionality, it’s an extension of your home. It’s a place where you spend time with friends, watch your kids grow, and make memories with those you care about.  For those reasons, we work to provide you with the most thorough, professional countertop services. Our team will put our skills and knowledge to work to give you a beautiful home you can enjoy all year long. 


Why should I choose Coastal Surfaces Inc over other companies? 

Coastal Surfaces offers unique and necessary services to our hot-climate clients. We offer granite countertops, kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, outdoor grill countertops, marble, quartz. Now you can enjoy your countertops even year-round. In addition. No need to call a third party to also work on the projects. Our kind, caring staff can do it for you. We can complete any countertop service tasks that you need to be done. Our team is friendly, professional, and brings years of experience to the table to give you a home that you can enjoy and be proud of. 


Is Coastal Surfaces Inc safe? 

Yes, at Coastal Surfaces Inc we are serious about safety. We make sure our space needed to work is safe and sturdy to ensure long term efficiency. 


Does your countertop services include outside counters? 

Yes, at Coastal Surfacing we also work on your outside countertops for grills as well. The marble and quartz we use for outside keeps its form at high temperatures and does not leave burns that harm the look of the outdoor grill countertops.

My counters are out of style Does your countertop services cover replacements? 

​We can definitely create a new countertop for you. Replacing a marble pattern for you is something we can definitely handle. If there is a countertop you need replacing then we will have our best specialists have a new counter for you.

  Call now for a free estimate. 


Do you provide countertops from scratch? 

When your room is looking sparse or barren, whether you are in a newly built home or an older home with nonexistent landscaping, let Coastal Surfacing take care of it for you. We can install synthetic countertops for an instantly lush look. Or we can design and install a beautiful hardscape. Regardless of your wants and needs, the landscapers at Coastal Surfacing are here to do all of the heavy liftings for you. We will deliver the materials to your home and take care of all of the installations, making sure we do everything necessary to help your room look great. If your room is a little worse for the wear, call now for a free estimate to see what it would look like for our team to transform it. 


What size rooms do you offer countertop services for?


No piece of property is too big or too small for our specialists. When you have a small room, there’s no need for you to invest the time, money, and space to house your equipment. And if you have a larger room, maintaining a room that size can take up the entire year. When you let us care for your rooms you free up your time, energy, and finances for other things that are important to you. We observe, visualize, choose and plan counter patterns, take care of all of your edits, and offer the best services to ensure your rooms and countertops are healthy and beautiful. Call now for a free estimate and to save yourself time and money.